About Me

When I was very young my father said: “Leave her to her own devices. Let her be who she wants to be, do what she wants to do”. I came home every night as the sun set after dismantling and assembling bicycles, rides and close encounters to the other side of the periphery of my neighbourhood.   

Once I finally stepped over the edge and over the boarders of my country, South Africa, my inner dream state exploded and lead me to countless beaches and major cities around the world where I collided with many incredible humans. Scrunched in the bubblegum crunch of an avid world traveling fashion model, I had a long and lucrative innings with a slow halt. I always aimed for a graceful elevation and now lead by a treasure map of all that i have learned along the way, I create my reality of my current world view. Illuminated, fast, bright and beautiful. 

I strive to produce and explore art in layers through painting, drawing, set-building, styling and photographing my subjects to bring out a deeper meaning. They are more than real, the colours more vivid and brighter. From realism to abstract style, I continue to try to break the walls which divide, merging mediums to form a new twist on classic portraiture. I primarily concentrate on symbolism and story telling which are inspired by the personal stories of my subjects.  Transitioning to digital gave me freedom (from watching paint dry) and helps me form a unique relationship between old ways and new.